Camera SDK Usage

I. Overview

This article mainly introduces how to use the camera SDK to make Api calls.

2. Preconditions

  1. Confirm completion Preparation
  2. Confirm the completion of Environment Build
  3. Completed Camera SDK Integration

3. Use

3.1 Jump to the camera details page


Parameter Description

Field Type of data Describe Access channel
deviceModel String Device model value See appendix list of supported cameras
deviceId String Device Id After the device is configured successfully, it can be obtained from the cloud
deviceName String Device name /
isSharingDevice boolean Whether the device is a shared device will affect the display of more settings true means it is a shared device, false otherwise

3.2 Configuration file

3.2.1 Rely on local configuration files

If the project needs to use local configuration files, it needs to:

  1. Put the configuration file in the assets/deviceRes directory.
  2. Additional parameters need to be added when the SDK is initialized:
val extensions = HashMap<String, String>()
//Device Control Using Local Configuration Files
extensions.put("RMExtraSDK_K_CONFIG_LOAD_TYPE", "0")


The local configuration file needs to be generated according to the specific equipment and business type, please contact the business to obtain it.

3.3.2 Relying on remote configuration files

Relying on remote configuration files, it can support device control for most services and hot update of UI.

This function involves the management and delivery of remote configuration files, and is not available for external use at the moment. If you need it, please contact the business.

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