Request intent introduction

Request intents are simple message delivery objects that describe the operation of the request, such as requesting to query device information, issuing control instructions to the device, and so on.

The request intention consists of {action}.{object}.{command} rules.

  • {action} is an action, including query, config, write, fetch;
  • {object} is an object, including device, linkage, scene, position, resource, ir, ota;
  • {command} is a specific command.

The complete intent can be seen in the table below:

enum desc
config.auth.createAccount Create a virtual account
config.auth.getAuthCode Get authorization verification code
config.auth.getToken Obtain access-token
config.auth.refreshToken Refresh access token
config.position.create Create a position
config.position.delete Delete position
config.position.update Update position information
config.position.timeZone Update position timezone Query the subordinate position information of the current parent position
query.position.detail Query position detail
query.position.supportGateway Query the list of gateways that support sub-devices based on location
query.device.bindKey Obtain temporary credentials(bindKey) before the device is registered
query.device.bind Device registration status query Query device information
query.device.subInfo Query sub-device information based on the Gateway Update device information
config.device.position Update device position
write.device.openConnect Enable Hub to add subdevice mode
write.device.closeConnect Disable Hub to add subdevice mode
query.device.supportGateway Query the list of gateways that support sub-devices
write.device.unbind Unbind device Query the details of the attributes that have been opened Query device attribute name Modify device attribute information
query.resource.value Query device attribute
write.resource.device Control device
fetch.resource.history Query the history of device attributes
fetch.resource.statistics Query the statistical history value of the device attribute
config.resource.subscribe Subscribe device attribute
config.resource.unsubscribe Unsubscribe device resource
query.ifttt.trigger Query what triggers the specified object type has (IF)
query.ifttt.action Query what actions the specified object type has (Then)
config.linkage.create Create linkage
query.linkage.detail Query detail information of the linkage
config.linkage.update Update linkage
config.linkage.delete Delete linkage
config.linkage.enable Enable/disable linkage
query.linkage.listByPositionId Query linkage list based on location
query.linkage.listBySubjectId Query linkage list based on object ID
config.scene.create Create scene
config.scene.update Update scene
config.scene.delete Delete scene Execute scene
query.scene.detail Query detail information of the scene
query.scene.listBySubjectId Query scene list based on object ID
query.scene.listByPositionId Query scene list based on location
config.event.create Create multiple-conditions
config.event.update Update multiple-conditions
config.event.delete Delete multiple-conditions
query.event.detail Query detail information of multiple-conditions
query.event.listBySubjectId Query multiple-conditions based on subject Id
query.event.listByPositionId Query multiple-conditions based on location
query.ota.firmware Query device firmware based on device model
write.ota.upgrade Upgrade firmware (Batch upgrade)
query.ota.upgrade Query the upgrade status Match tree information Obtain device type list Query brand list based on device type Get remote control information Query the remote control list under the gateway Query the state of the stateful air conditioner Query remote control function Query remote control buttons Add remote control Delete remote control Update remote control Add a custom remote Click the remote control button Turn on infrared learning Cancel infrared learning Query infrared learning results
query.push.errorMsg Query the details of the failed message
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