Infrared Remote Control SDK Use

1. Overview

This article mainly introduces how to use the infrared SDK to make Api calls.

2. Preconditions

  1. Confirm completion Preparation
  2. Confirm the completion of Environment Build
  3. Complete Infrared Remote Control SDK Integration

3. Use

For devices with infrared functions, other SDKs will automatically jump to the infrared remote control SDK through ARouter without third-party processing.

3.1 Jump to the control page of the infrared virtual Sub-Device

If you need to jump directly to the infrared virtual Sub-Device on your App list page, you can adjust the following method:


Parameter Description

Field Type of data Describe Access channel
context Context Context /
irDeviceModel String Model Values ​​for IR Virtual Sub-Device Interface acquisition
irDeviceId String The device id of the infrared virtual Sub-Device Interface acquisition
irDeviceName String The device name of the infrared virtual Sub-Device, empty is allowed Interface acquisition
acStatus String Air conditioner status, if the model value is, you need to pass this parameter; value: 1 stateless air conditioner 2 stateful air conditioner,; Interface acquisition

3.2 Event listener

When the user clicks some buttons or meets other conditions during the page operation, the event callback can be obtained through the event listener. For example, click a button to jump to a page in the host App, or a third-party custom event.

LumiIrManager.getInstance().actionApi.addActionListener(object : OnLMIRActionListener {
    override fun onRouterActionEvent(context: Context?, actionName: String?, params: String?) {
        //TO DO Something

Event list:

Event Description Describe
ACTION_START_OWN_GATEWAY Hub function After the user clicks on the Hub, a third party needs to process it by itself.
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