Device Pairing SDK error code

1. Overview

This article mainly introduces the error codes and causes that may occur during the process of integrating the Device Pairing SDK or when the Device Pairing SDK is running.

2. Preconditions


3. Error Code

Error code Description
10000 Network Error
10001 Permissions not obtained
10002 Failed to connect to device Wi-Fi hotspot
10003 Parameter error or mismatch
10004 Failed to send device pairing information
10005 This access type is not yet supported
10006 The bluetooth protocol is not yet supported
10007 The Bluetooth connection is disconnected abnormally
10008 Bluetooth connection failed
10009 Device Pairing QR code generation failed
10010 Device Pairing timeout
10011 The inbound configuration file for this device could not be found
10012 Child device network configuration timeout
10013 The network configuration mode of the device does not match, and it is necessary to switch from MIoT to AIoT
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