Device Control SDK Error Code

1. Overview

This article mainly introduces the error codes and causes that may occur during the process of integrating the device control SDK or when the device control SDK is running.

2. Prerequisite


3. Error Code

Error code Description
3301 Could not find configuration for this device
20200 Initialization failed, parameter missing
20201 Initialization failed, the parameter is invalid
20202 Initialization failed, other exceptions
20203 The download of the plug-in package failed, and the data was abnormal
20204 Failed to download plug-in package, network exception
20205 Failed to download the plug-in package, verification failed
20206 Failed to download plug-in package, decompression failed
20207 Failed to download plugin package, parsing failed
20208 Render plugin failed, resource not found
20209 The rendering plugin failed, the related function could not be found
20210 Render plugin failed, layout file not found
20211 Rendering plugin failed, UI component not found
20212 Rendering plugin failed, UI component is not bound to VM
20213 Rendering plug-in failed, the data format is abnormal
20214 Render plugin failed, other exceptions
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