API Usage Guide

Currently the open API interface is authorized by default.

Request format

Request format: https://${domain}/v3.0/open/api

${domian} is the domain of the server, see Domain List for details.

For example, China mainland: https://open-cn.aqara.com/v3.0/open/api

Domain List

Lumi cloud platform has deployed servers in mainland China, the United States, Europe, South Korea, Russia and Singapore. Users can choose servers according to their location.

Server Device SDK Domain API Domain Timezone
China mainland aiot-coap.aqara.cn open-cn.aqara.com +8
United States aiot-coap-usa.aqara.com open-usa.aqara.com +12
South Korea coap-kr.aqara.com open-kr.aqara.com +9
Russia coap-ru.aqara.com open-ru.aqara.com +5
Europe coap-ger.aqara.com open-ger.aqara.com +1
Singapore coap-sg.aqara.com open-sg.aqara.com +8

Request Parameter

Request header parameter

Note: Request header must be take below required parameters.

Name Type Is required? Description
Accesstoken String No Access Token obtained through authorization
Appid String Yes Appid of the third-party application
Keyid String Yes appKey corresponds to Keyid
Nonce String Yes Random string, different for every request
Time String Yes Request timestamp, in milliseconds
Sign String Yes Request signature
Lang Enum No Language. The default is en. 'zh', 'en'

Fixed request parameters

Name Type Is required? Description
intent String Yes Request intent
data Object Yes Request data, see API Documentation for detail.

Fixed response parameters

Name Type Is required? Description
code int Yes Return code. 0: success, please see Error Code for detail.
requestId String Yes Request id
message String Yes Return code message
result Object No Response data, see API Documentation for detail.

API List

The detail information of open API, please refer to API Documentation.

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