Door Lock SDK Frequently Asked Questions

1. Overview

This article mainly introduces how to troubleshoot and solve problems that may occur during the process of integrating the door lock SDK or when the door lock SDK is running.

2. Prerequisite


3. FAQ&Solutions

Question 1: During the integration process, it is found that there is a third-party open source library dependency conflict, which makes the project unable to be compiled. How to solve it?


  1. Please try to upgrade or downgrade your version first to make it consistent with the dependencies of the Device Pairing SDK.
  2. If the operation "1" is invalid, you can use the resolutionStrategy syntax in build.gradle to forcibly depend on the version of your project, and then check whether it affects the SDK.
  3. If the operation "1" and "2" are invalid, you can contact the business or project manager of Lumi, and after submitting the work order, our technical staff will assist in solving it.
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