Device Control (local resource value/UI not provided by source code)

This SDK contains the UI and logic part of Aqara device control; the iOS version that the SDK depends on cannot be lower than 11.0.
Compiler environment: XCode14.0 or above.
Language: Object-C.

Dependency SDK list

The following SDKs are required to support the basic functions of device control:

Name Version Function Size
LMMeshDriverFramework - The logical part of equipment control, control instruction / receiving / processing
LMMeshDriver_UI - The UI part of the device control, including the settings page and the device home page
LMCommonUI - Aqara generic UI component library
LMFramework - Aqara basic library, which encapsulates the general logic of Aqara

Pod dependencies

pod 'YYModel'
pod 'AFNetworking', '3.2.0'
pod 'TTTAttributedLabel'
pod 'SVProgressHUD'
pod 'SDWebImage','5.9.1'
pod 'Masonry'
pod 'KVOController'
pod 'MJRefresh', ''
pod 'RealReachability', '~> 1.3.0'
pod 'SSZipArchive'
pod 'SCIndexView', '2.2.3'
pod 'FMDB'
pod 'lottie-ios', '~> 2.5.3'

Integrated SDK

It is recommended to use the following directory structure to import the corresponding SDK:

SDK initialization and API description

Set initialization parameters
Parameter Description Is it necessary Source
host Request domain name host Yes Aqara Open Platform
appId ID issued by the open platform Yes Aqara Open Platform
appKey Identity Key issued by the development platform Yes Aqara Open Platform
iconBaseUrl Image Domain Prefix Yes Aqara Open Platform
+ (void)setServer:(NSString*)host appId:(NSString*)appId appKey:(NSString*)appKey iconBaseUrl:(NSString *)iconBaseUrl;


[LMOpenSDK setServer:@""
Set user account information
Parameter Description Is it necessary Source
userId Current user account ID Yes Aqara Open Platform
token Token of the current user account Yes Aqara Open Platform
+ (void)setUserId:(NSString*)userId  token:(NSString*)token;


[LMOpenSDK setUserId:xxxxx.xxxxzz
Set the H5 resource path in the SDK
Parameter Description Is it necessary Source
h5UrlPrefix Logs and other H5 related functions need to use Not required Aqara Open Platform
+ (void)setH5UrlPrefix:(NSString *)h5UrlPrefix;


[LMOpenSDK setH5UrlPrefix:@""];
Set up languages
+ (void)setLanguage:(NSString*)language;
Parameter Description Is it necessary Code
language Multilingual in SDK Not required See table below

List of supported languages

languageString Description
zh-Hans Chinese
en English
ru Russian
ko Korean
zh-HK Traditional
zh-Hant-TW Taiwan - Traditional


[LMOpenSDK setLanguage:@"zh-Hans"];

Read local resource bundle

[LMDriverConfig sharedInstance].isLocalResource(YES);
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